Upcoming Zouk events in the Uppsala & Stockholm area

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    Studio 1, Frejgatan 41
    Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, Sverige

    Welcome to an introduction to Brazilian Zouk: a sensual dance style with roots in the 90’s Lambada, and of growing popularity in Europe. We want to share with you, the basics for this dance, and some cool moves, to enjoy on the dance floor. We share also the feeling of Zouk, that can be from Zouk but also R-n-B or Pop, etc. You get a new musicality in your social dancing!

    If you have experience of / or dance other Brazilian dances this is a good way to get in touch with yet another one – with a twist. And if you have experience of Bachata, Kizomba, Tango or Salsa, you will see some resemblance in BZ…But still feel many differences in tecnique!!

    Take to opportunity to meet us from Zouk in Stockholm, try one of our classes, have a coffe and if you decide to sign up and pay on the spot, you get 20 % off the course fee.

    Free trial class: 14 Jan, 14:30 to 15:30 at Frejgatan 41.

    Every Sunday 14:30 to 16:00 at Frejgatan 41 starting 28 Jan, 6 times.

    REGULAR PRICES (6 sessions, 90 min each)
    Per person 800 SEK
    With discount on the spot: 640 SEK

    Read more at Zouk in Stockholm

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    Studio 1, Frejgatan 41
    Frejgatan 41, Stockholm, Sverige

    Hello there!!

    Welcome to an evening of sweet Zouk dance and fun, let’s have a workshop on Brazilian Zouk, and work that musicality and sensation into our feet and bodies. Let’s learn how to dance with and without any beat in the music – play with melody and expression, and put the partner connection to another level!!

    Example of music: Love songs, Hip Hop, Zouk Remixes, the only limit is 4/4 metrics and your fantasy!! Yet it is possible and systematic with good Brazilian Zouk basics.

    It is ok if you have no experience of Zouk, focus is into a few basics and how to adapt it into the the music context. This workshop works fine as an introduction in Zouk for dancers from other dance styles.

    This evening we play calm and slow music, no BPM above 150!!

    PLACE: Stora Salen


    18:15 – 19:15 Workshop, Open Level/Intermediate
    19:15- 22:00 Social Dance.


    Workshop and Social: 120 SEK (pre-sale 100 SEK)
    Only Social: 60 SEK (pre-sale 50 SEK)

    For pre-sales see “biljetter”

    Instructor: Lili Ortiz

    For demos and other activities see

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    All day
    Sangate Hotel Airport, 17 Stycznia, Warszawa, Polen

    Join our Sweden discount group to receive 10% discount off the current price of full pass: 105 € (until 20 Nov) to the “6th El Sol Warsaw Zouk Festival & Marathon” 18-21 Jan 2018!

    To join, go to ticket information.

    After that we received your message you will have further information of how to register your discount code!

    If we are a group from the same country we can travel together and if needed we can also try to help to coordinate the accomodation at Sangate Hotel.

    Information about the main event:

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    Kungshamrav 1, Stockholm
    Kungshamravägen 1, Solna, Sverige

    We restart with our regular free zouk classes and socials from the 8th January!

    Beginner Class 18 -19.30
    Social 19.30-22

    Free tea coffee and fika 😀 Let your friends know!!

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    Drabanten Uppsala
    Bangårdsgatan 13, 753 20 Uppsala, Sverige

    Extra, Extra!!! ***LUCY LIVE*** Extra, Extra!!!

    Welcome to a new season of Club Cambré, the brazilian party in central Uppsala.

    Tonight we will have the opportonity to dance to Lucy who will sing some of our favourite zouk and kizomba songs!
    Lucy made her debut as a zouk singer when she visited us in Uppsala last year, and we are very happy to have her back!

    We are also very happy to annopunce that Jenny is back! She will give the workshops on the premiere. And rumors says that she might bring some cool outfits for sale from abroad for the lady styling…

    SCHEDULE: (Updated weekly)

    Hall A: 19.00 – 19.30 Lady Styling, Drop-in
    Instructors: 27/1 Jenny, 3/2 Lilia, 10/2 Mette

    Hall B: 19.30 – 20.30 Zouk class IMPROVER 1, (Also Drop-in*)
    Instructors: Torbjörn, Jenny and invited guest teachers
    Assistants: Linnéa

    Hall A: 20.30 – 21.30 Zouk class BEGINNER 2, (Also Drop-in*)
    Instructors: Torbjörn, Jenny and invited guest teachers
    Assistants: Jennie and Arvid

    Hall A+B: 21.30 Animacion, axe, funk
    Instructors: 27/1 Jenny, 3/2 Linnéa, 10/2 Jenny

    Hall A+B: 20.30 – 23.00 Zouk Social,
    DJ: 27/1 K-Zouk, 3/2 Lili-Z, 10/2 K-Zouk

    On stage: 22.00 – 22.30 Lucy Live!

    Hall A + B: 20.30 – 24.00 Zouk Social, DJ K-Zouk

    About the workshops:
    Please scroll down for more info.

    Dance Party
    Dance Shoes (Dance shoes or clean indoor gym shoes, no outdoor shoes or barefoot)

    Drabanten, Bangårdsgatan 13, Uppsala

    Social dance, workshop “Beginner 2” included, 100 kr (27/1 Price increased to 150 SEK due to “Live on Stage”)

    Single Workshops:
    Improver 1, 100 SEK
    Lady Styling. 50 SEK